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kelviplast-itech is an expert in heating, cooling and temperature control. As a medium-sized family-owned enterprise we have built up a reputation for providing high-quality individual solutions in the field of temperature control and refrigeration technology. We design and produce devices and equipment adapted to specific processes and media in virtually all industrial sectors. Our systems reliably perform their tasks around the world e.g. in plastic and rubber processing, coating technology, metal treatment or solutions for the chemical industry.

Since 1973 our claim is to deliver products of the highest tech- nical quality.

To achieve this, we pursue ambitious goals: We want to offer our customers economical and technically perfect solutions. Main focus are the technical requirements of customer-specific processes since the thermal processes should finally work according to your plan.

Worldwide, our approx. 80 employees work together in a perfectly coordinated and precise way to optimally meet your needs from consulting to commissioning and beyond.

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