Tire Technology Expo 2019 - Hall 21, Stand 7032 - Great interest in economical energy saving solutions from Kelviplast

Once again Kelviplast joined Tire Technology Expo 2019 in Hanover, the annual tire and rubber industry-expert event, as a supplier for heating and cooling systems.
Focus of the expo was to present ideas to increase efficiency of production processes. A couple of expos ago, Kelviplast presented its first energy-saving solution named Kelvizient, which by now has been installed in manufacturing plants all over the world. This year Kelviplast presents two innovations at the same time: heat recovery systems and the eChiller.
Both innovations are characterized through an efficient use of energy which lowers power consumption of the temperature control unit and therefore of the customer system considerably. The heat recovery system convinces through an intelligent use of excess heat by storing it for restarting systems after downtime or by using it to heat halls and premises.
The eChiller, a chiller which uses water as a refrigerant, could be presented as a genuine world-first system in cooperation with Energy Efficency which is already in use by Kelviplast customers. The usage of water as refrigerant is not only environment-friendly but also energy saving and easy to maintain. It furthermore increase independence of future hard and or expensive to get refrigerants.

Many interviews and deep discussions showed the growing interest for environmental-friendly but also economical solutions in temperature control systems for the tire and rubber manufacturing industry.

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