Tempering systems

We develop combination plants and / or systems for various industrial applications and processes in close cooperation with our customers.

Our plants are:

  • optimally energy-efficient complete systems
  • adapted flexibly to the respective customer demands
  • Central control / regulation via PLC with bus connection to the control level
  • Combination of different heat transfer media (water, oil, brine) possible
  • If required, use of free cooling systems, heat recovery systems and refrigeration systems with different refrigerants (also alternative natural refrigerants)

Temperature control unit for plasma torch cooling

  • fluid carrying parts are made of stainless steel
  • high-pressure pumps
  • customer- specific

Temperature control unit for vacuum coating systems

  • special design for demineralized water
  • VA/bronze model
  • customer-specific

2- circuit temperature control unit for vessel temperature control in lubricant production

  • energy- saving system
  • PLC controller
  • customer-specific

Kombinationsanlage für Folienbeschichtungsanlagen Combination system for film coating systems

  • multi-circuit temperature control unit
  • switch cabinet
  • buffer
  • supply pump for the chiller
  • customized

High - pressure water cooling system for high - pressure melting furnace

  • high and low pressure cooling system
    Low pressure: open system
    High-pressure: System pressurized up to 40 bar operating pressure
  • customer- specific

Combination system for coating systems

  • Multi-circuit tempering system with chiller and pump tank station
  • PLC control
  • Customized


  • Glass coating, film coating, tire manufacturing, melting furnace, plasma torch, plasma furnace, extrusion, printing industry

Rubber processing

Manufacturing tires and technical rubber goods require a precise temperature control to guarantee the product quality. Kelviplast provides temperature control for the following appliances:

  • Mixing machines
  • Extrusion plants
  • Calandering machines
  • Tread machines
  • Cooling sections
  • Profiling machines
  • and various processes in the production of technical rubber goods

Plastics processing

A crucial factor to maintaining product quality during processing plastics is the temperature control. Targeted heating and cooling provides the specific characteristics in products like plastic sheets, non-woven sheets, injection molding or PU-systems:

  • Roller temperature control, roller cooling and roller heating in the area:
    • thermoforming sheet lines
    • Chill roll systems
    • Stretch forming systems
    • Stretch conditioning
    • Nonwoven lines
  • Pelletizing equipment
  • Injection moulding

Chemical / Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical processes need a highly precise temperature controlling to operate exothermic and endothermic processes. The following examples have been installed successfully:

  • Temperature control of double-wall tanks (also for petrochemical industry)
  • Fusing of wax
  • Cold traps
  • Process cooling, process heating, ex-performance, with/without active refrigeration

Coating / Composites materials

The high demand of coating different materials like glass, paper, plastics sheets or composites materials requests a great reliability in regard to the temperature control. Kelviplast solutions can be found especially in the following applications:

  • (Vacuum) film coating
  • Paper coating
  • Coating of architecture glass and solar modules
  • Metal coating
  • Production for the automotive sector

Metal industry

Narrow tolerances and surface characteristics need to be fulfilled while producing and processing metals. Kelviplast can present the following examples of application:

  • Metal processing and treatment
  • Melting furnaces
  • Induction furnace
  • Heat treatment
  • Aluminum die casting

Further industries

Besides the named branches Kelviplast developed a high experience in further specific applications:

  • Applications in power plants
  • Inverter cooling
  • Wind power
  • Shipbuilding
  • Gas compressors
  • Server cabinet cooling
  • Food industry
  • Pilot plants