kelvitech laser

Cooling system for laser machine

for cooling ranges from 1,16 kW to 117 kW


kelvitech laser challenges four major issues in a laser machine cooling system:

  • Providing two different temperatures to cool resonator and laser heat exchanger.
  • Precision of the water temperature +/-1°C
  • The compatibility of the hydraulic circuit with very low conductivity water.
  • Deionization of the water

Device description:

  • Precise cooling for the resonator and optics circuit
  • Single or Dual temperature for resonator and optic circuits.
  • Cooling ranges from 1.2 kW to 117 kW
  • Stainless Steel circuit design
  • Conductivity Measurement
  • Deionization filtering system optional
  • Dual Pump Configuration
  • PLC touch pad control
  • Setpoint regulation based on return water temperature
  • R410A gas standard and R134a for hot climates
  • Modbus communication interface between kelvitech laser and your machine
  • Customizable to meet your specific requirement


Many other options on request.

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