kelvitech spindle

CNC cooling unit, air-cooled

0.5 kW to 2.2 kW cooling capacity


Machine tools are characterised by a large number of spindle speeds and feed rates to meet the requirements of machining parts made of different materials and dimensions with different types of cutting materials and geometries. Process oils used for applications such as hydraulics, cutting, lubricating, broaching, honing, hardening, drilling, grinding, etc. also serve as coolants.

In other words, the heat generated during the process is dissipated by the circulating oil. Now this oil must be kept within a certain temperature range to maintain its physical and chemical properties.

The kelvitech spindle was developed for the constant temperature control of hydraulic oil used in the machine tool industry. The device is designed for use in heat transfer, fluid and temperature control to solve various "heat problems" in the machine tool.

kelvitech spindle is an advanced controller that regulates the temperature of any fluid used in machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and various industrial machines with high precision. The gearbox is mainly used in the main spindle drives of machine tools, in test benches and in applications where high torque is required. The gearbox is mounted directly on the spindle. The gearbox is suitable for today's high-speed requirements in machine tools. The spindle gear is lubricated with oils to ensure smooth operation of the gears. These oils are heated during the process. The gearbox is completely sealed and the gears are immersed in the lubricant, which is cooled by an oil cooler in the circuit.


Unit description:

  • air-cooled
  • Mineral oil, lubricating oil, water cooling
  • 500W to 2200 W cooling capacity
  • Gear oil pump
  • 5°C to 40 °C Cooling setpoint
  • Stainless steel evaporator
  • PLC control


Many other options on request.

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