kelvitech temper

Temperature control units

Temperature control between 90 °C - 300 °C


Kelvitech temper is a range of temperature control units that provide precise temperature control between 90 °C - 300 °C for plastic, metal, extrusion and rubber processes, injection moulding, metal spraying, extrusion and rubber processing. The series operates with water or oil.

kelvitech temper W

The temperature control units of the kelvitech temper W series work with water and keep the temperature values in all industrial processes under control. The kelvitech temper W is ergonomically designed for easy operation in engen Stellen.

Operator safety is ensured by compliance with CE machinery directives. The heating elements, level switch and fluid reservoir are made of stainless steel and ensure many years of operation in all industrial environments.

kelvitech temper OIL

The temperature control units of the kelvitech temper OIL series work with oil up to 300°C and maintain stable temperature values in all industrial processes. The units can control the temperature within +/-0.5°C in both heating and cooling mode with PID control. Pumps with robust SIC plain bearings and ceramic shafts guarantee a long service life and are leakage-free and maintenance-free thanks to magnetic couplings. The absence of a mechanical seal increases resistance to dry running and mechanical faults. They are used in processes that require high temperatures and precise temperature control.

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