kelvitech weld

Cooling unit, air-cooled, for welding machine cooling systems

For cooling capacities from 11 kW to 116 kW


kelvitech weld coolers have a significant advantage over cooling towers because they have a closed circuit and do not waste water. The fact that heat control is independent of atmospheric conditions and clean water can be fed into the process makes kelvitech weld units more reliable than other alternatives.

Equipment description:

kelvitech weld solves three main problems in a welding machine cooling system;

  • Consistent weld quality and prevention of excessive heat
  • Longer weld time reduces equipment downtime.
  • Maximising uptime by preventing SCRs from overheating.

Application areas

Heavy duty - repetitive welding equipment.

The kelvitech weld chiller can provide consistent and reliable cold water to minimise tool wear and downtime.

Multiple TIG, MIG or MAG welders

If your business uses more than one welder, it is possible to combine all your cooling requirements into a single central chiller as required. If reliability is important, this is the best choice for a high frequency source.

Robotic welding

Larger high-power welding equipment, such as robotic spot welders, often have water-cooled transformers and water-cooled rectifiers. An appropriately sized process chiller can provide adequate cooling for robotic welding machines and auxiliary equipment.

Resistance welders

Adequate flow is very important for efficient operation. Most machines require 6-7 litres of water per minute per cooling circuit. And with the rising cost of water, a process in which the process cooler is circulated quickly becomes economical. Types of resistance welders include: Spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, flash butt welding.

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