TCU's with Heat Recovery System

  • Use of process water
  • Energy storage
  • Internal and external use of waste heat for machine start-up as well as external consumers
  • Reduction of installed electrical power rating

This invention by kelviplast-itech uses the heat waste of the production process, stores it and feeds it back into the process if needed. Should the heat waste not be needed for the production process, it can be used for ambient heating such as storage rooms, office buildings and many more.

During the storage phase the heat waste is being transferred into a buffer storage while production is running. The tempering unit is being provided with cooling water and means while cools the production process.

The heat waste can be used while production is running or after system downtime , for example at the weekend, to heat up the system for the process start. This concept of heat recovery significantly minimizes energyconsumption and therefore energycosts.