TCU's equiped with the energy-saving solution KELVIZIENT

  • Demand responsive pump control
  • Reduction of energy consumption up to 75%
  • Retrofitting of existing systems
  • Continuous controll of inlet and return flow

The innovative KELVIZIENT control technology ensures that the pump is automatically regluated to the energetically favourable operating point of the systems operation. Kelvizienz continuously measures the temperature difference between inlet and outlet temperature, determines the optimal speed of the pump and regulates it by means of the frequency converter to the optimal operating point.

The pump is beeing operated according to the needed heating or cooling output at that exact moment. This ensures the pumpt to run in the optimal operating point and energy costs can be reduced up to 75%.

KELVIZIENT has been successfully applied in new systems and many existing system all over the world have ben retrofitted with it.